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Mentor program

The IDS Project is nothing if not a community, so it places a great deal of emphasis upon support and collaboration. Central to this is the mentor program, which assigns volunteer applications and systems specialists from current member libraries to each new member. Through both onsite visits and regular communications, the mentors help the staff at the joining library to configure ILLiad, optimize their workflows, and implement the technical requirements of the IDS Project. This also helps build personal relationships that form the foundation of a strong community, which gathers every year for the IDS Project Conference. The IDS Project’s listserv provides another forum for members to stay connected throughout the year, further strengthening the IDS Project’s community.

Need a mentor? Contact Nancy Abashian, Coordinator of Mentors

Meet our mentors

The mentors assist staff in the following areas:

  • Basic Lending
  • Basic Borrowing
  • ILLiad Copyright Clearance
  • Odyssey/Trusted Sender
  • Custom Holdings
  • Constant Data
  • Direct Request
  • Deflection
  • OCLC eSerials
  • Workflow Toolkit

Meet our Logic Specialists