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IDS Project Press

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    Library Publishing Toolkit A. Brown

    Edited by A. Brown Library Publishing Toolkit

    Both public and academic libraries are invested in the creation and distribution of information and digital content. They have morphed from keepers of content into content creators and curators, and seek best practices and efficient workflows with emerging publishing platforms and services. The Library Publishing Toolkit looks at the broad and varied landscape of library publishing through discussions, case studies, and shared resources. From supporting writers and authors in the public library setting to hosting open access journals and books, this collection examines opportunities for libraries to leverage their position and resources to create and provide access to content. Read More...

  • Building Responsive Library Collections Bowersox, Oberlander, Pitcher, Sullivan

    T. Bowersox, C. Oberlander, K. Pitcher, M. Sullivan Building Responsive Library Collections
    with the Getting It System Toolkit

    The Getting It System Toolkit (GIST), a suite of free and open source tools & software, leverages systems to optimize library acquisitions and deselection workflow, reducing the staff time necessary to make informed decisions and process materials. Building Responsive Library Collections with the Getting It System Toolkit combines helpful how-tos from the developers themselves, and first-hand implementation accounts from users of these time-saving tools. The volume is split into the Toolkit’s use with ILLiad and GDM, providing easy reference for users. This manual is an invaluable resource to any library using, or considering using, the Getting It System Toolkit. Read More...

  • Workflow Toolkit IDS Project

    IDS Project Workflow Toolkit

    Truly effective resource sharing depends upon each library running at peak efficiency. The goal of the Workflow Toolkit is to help ILL staff implement best practices that will save valuable turnaround time, while also cutting the costs of doing business. Maintained by the IDS Project's Mentors, in partnership with Atlas Systems, the Toolkit provides best practices that can enhance all aspects of borrowing, lending, and document delivery services through ILLiad customizations, resource sharing strategies, and workflow improvements. View the online version for the most recent updates and additions. Read More...