2019 All Region User Group Meeting Agenda

2:00pm-2:15pmWelcome and Update
Mark Sullivan, IDS Project Executive Director, will provide updates on current IDS initiatives, changes in structure, and future directions of the Project.
2:15pm-2:45pmELD Update
2:45pm-3:45pmTaking a look at Custom Holdings Groups & Paths: Custom Holdings Groups Doc
We will be looking at what custom holdings groups and paths are and where to find them. See how to use the OCLC Policy Directory to easily create and update groups. Part of the presentation will be discussions on how often you should review your groups and paths and the different groups people have created.
3:45pm-4:00pmIDS Mentors and OMI Update
Participants will hear an update from Beth Posner and Elise Thornley about what IDS Mentors do for member libraries and then introduce all the IDS Mentors in attendance. We will also talk more about this fall’s OMI, when we will be presenting an encore IDS Online Mentor Institute for all mentors who want to join us and get a refresher on all things IDS.
Logan Rath will present the Wrap-up as the new Regional User Group Coordinator
4:30-5:30Tour of the library
5:30-6:30Pizza dinner for Regional User Group

Presentations for All Region User Group 2018:

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