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A unified community of trust and support
built around a critical and clearly understood purpose
effective resource sharing.

The IDS Project is very committed to the ongoing professional development of our members and the promotion of best practices in our member libraries. Over the past several years we have relied on our strong Peer Advisor Program to provide direct on-site support of volunteer experts to each library that requests assistance. The Peer Advisor Program has recently added new Advisors that participate in continual professional training. The Peer Advisor Program will remain a critical component of the IDS Project.

As IDS continues its membership growth, and is also expanding its resource sharing services, we would like to provide an additional venue to support the adoption of best practices and development of professional skills by all member libraries and their staff. Each user group will meet twice per year to provide training, facilitate discussion and problem solving, and most importantly build stronger interdependent relationships among members.


IDS Project Spring 2024 Virtual User Group Registration

Agenda: The agenda is being finalized and will be available once completed.

Virtual User Group

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 on Zoom 

VIRTUAL Registration