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IDS Logic

An overview of IDS Logic functionality.

Article Gateway

Article Gateway focuses mostly on articles. Specifically you’ll hear the following names and references related to this functionality: 

  • ISSNFixer – Adds and standardizes ISSNs in requests by looking at an IDS database as well as OCLC records as a reference.
  • YearFixer – Checks year and month fields for extra data, such as month and year in the same field and fixes them. 
  • RuleofFive – Checks the number of requests in the current year for the journal and determines if Copyright needs to be paid. Will automatically move requests out of Awaiting Copyright Clearance to queues based on whether copyright needs to be addressed or not. 
  • PubMedChecker – Uses the pubmed central API to search for open access materials and sends them to a separate queue.
  • POD/GINRPD – Purchase on Demand / Get it Now Reprints Desk - If RuleofFive settings have been met (ex: 5 articles in the last 5 years), helps determine the best option for paying Copyright or purchasing the article. The prices for a CCC fee or a purchase through Get it Now or Reprints Desk are put in the notes field.

There is quite a bit of configuration for Article Gateway that can be tailored to your institution's individual needs. Some additional things Article Gateway can do are:

  • Send items that need purchasing or copyright payments to specific queues to be handled automatically or, more commonly, manually by staff. 
  • Set a purchase profile that identifies and routes items based on:
    • Max cost: the maximum a library is willing to pay in CCC fees
    • Premium: the amount less than CCC that a library is willing to pay to have the article as a purchase on demand item (right now) versus sending the article out through ILL and paying CCC. For example if the max cost is 20 and premium is 2 - the item will go POD if it is $18 or less. A zero listed in the premium will choose POD over CCC if the POD is the same or less.
  • Route items through RAPID or ALIAS (see a later section) or both in the order of your choosing.
  • If requests come back unfilled from RAPID and / or OCLC, route requests to a queue of your choice.
  • Setup an additional direct to purchase profile based cost amounts, issns, status, user info, years, time of day/week,  and similar settings.