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IDS Logic

An overview of IDS Logic functionality.


Remember, if Logic touches a transaction, it leaves notes on what function acted on the request. 

Common “Questions”

Due Dates 

Logic controls your lending due dates. Any changes to due dates need to be done in your Logic configuration: email

ALIAS coverage issues 

ALIAS can only decipher full year coverage. If you have partial coverage for a given year, ALIAS will return interpret that as access for the full year. 

ALIAS updates about once a month so if you have made very large changes to your journal coverage, you will need to contact IDS to get ALIAS up to date.

Embargo coverage must be in your journal holdings for ALIAS to include that in coverage considerations.

OCLC, ISSN, and ISBN order of searching

Logic looks at the OCLC number (sans leading zeros) first and then looks at ISBN/ISSN

Changes that WILL Impact Your Logic Configuration

The following changes will impact your Logic configuration. You should reach out if any of these occur at your library

  • Add new collections/locations that should not circulate to borrowers or lenders

  • Change ILS systems

  • Change journal knowledgebase systems

  • Change your Reprints Desk account information